Wife goes back to ex


Dec 19, 2016
two weeks ago my wife went to a children's ceremony at a church about two hours away from where we live. She was in charge of the children, who kept her stressed, while her best friend beth was helping her. As they got there, she told me her ex for many years was also present. She told me he walked up to her and told her how beautiful she looked, and that even though she is married and he has a girlfriend he still desires her. My wife told me how during the whole ceremony he talked to her, while her friend beth who also knows me, wattched them giggle, laugh, and at some point, he even caressed her pussy, telling her that belonged to him. As my wife got horny, they finally left to the bathroom, as he undressed her. As she told me the story i could not help but to wank as she smiled at me. She said he took off her long skirt, jacket, blouse, bra, and ripped her pantyhose open, since she was not wearing panties. She played with my cock as she told me how he fucked her over and over again in that church bathroom. When they finished he helped her dress, and as they were leaving, beth saw them coming out of the bathroom. When the ceremony finished and it was time to go home, he gave her his number and told her to call him so they can meet again. When they finally came back to town that afternoon, i went to pick up my wife as beth kept staring at me, to which i paid no mind since i didnt know i had just been cuckolded by my precious wife once again, and to this day its been two weeks that we go to church and beth talks to me but has not told me anything that happened with my wife and her ex. Today they are meeting again, and she will be sending me pics of their sexy meeting.
Jul 21, 2017
That's pretty hot!
I have a fantasy where my wife hooks up with one of her exes. In fact, I think she did when we were about 5 years into our marriage, but she says nothing happened other than sharing a joint with him.
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Gary LePru

Aug 3, 2017
My ex remarried and I did too and moved away but the two kids that we had together meant we talked on the phone sometimes. My ex had had lots of bf's after we married most of whom I knew about and I missed all the sexy chat when she returned from her dates. So remarried, I asked her whether she had completely reformed and with a giggle she said that she had, NOW! I could not let that pass and delved. She had had a few bf's, one as recently as a few weeks ago but "I am passed it now". To which I replied "I would still give you one". This started a number of meets, phone chats and even staying the night when her hubbie was away on business. She was still the girl that I married and had allowed to spread happiness many years before.
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