Wife needs BBC in CT

Dec 29, 2019
Been getting off to my wife sexting other men . When i seen it at first i was mad because she wasn’t sending them to me, but as i started getting off about what i seen, i notice it actually turns me on. Hearing her moan his name in the videos she sent him makes me cum instantly. I told her recently that it was getting me off and she told me that she wants to have some more fun (3/4somes and orgies). We got to the point at hand, SHE WANTS A BIGGER DICK. 😁 she thought I’d get mad about it, which initially i was a little bothered, but i asked her if she thought mine wasnt big . She said yes its a good size, nice length and great girth, but in my head i said you just want bigger. And i want it for her too now . So im looking for the big dick swingers in Connecticut because we’re both new to the lifestyle but we really want it to be done