Wife Sexual Past... Part 2

Tom Bauer

Jul 27, 2017
New York
A few weeks ago my wife and I were going to the mall. We got talking about something I dealt with at work. All of a sudden I felt the urge to come on. It was quiet for a few minutes in the car, then I again told her my desire to see her with another man. As usual she shot it down, but I wasn't done. I reminded her how much I liked to hear stories. I said "Well, which ex was the most aggressive in bed." "Well it was either John or Sam. Sam was usually really rough, but I used to fuck John for hours." She must have figured out she was making me hard, because she kept it going. "Well, John did eat my pussy a lot. He used to do that for hours. He used to cum a lot too. He just wouldn't stop." I was thinking wow, this is great. I started to visualize it, as she has shown me what they all look like.

She didn't stop there either, I decided to ask her "Where have you done it with John?" She says "Oh, lots of places. One time we had sex in his car after we saw this movie. I sucked his dick in the car everytime he took me on a date. We did it in a camper one time for like five hours." I can't believe what I'm hearing. I was in ecstasy, all the things I wanted her to do, but hearing it in a form of the past was amazing. "One time, I had a random guy over, and he took me to the woods and forced his cock in my mouth. So I rewarded him by letting him fuck me anyway he pleased." "Another guy, I met on the internet, and I met him at his house. He took me in the basement and we got drunk. I fucked him three times that night, and each time he came in my mouth." At this point, I didn't care about going to the mall. All I wanted to do was go home, and listen to more stories. As much as she won't commit to this lifestyle, she has a very promiscuous past that I wish would happen all over again.

More to come on her past.