Wife welcomed in to the family


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Jul 10, 2018
Hi I grew up in a open family, with dad and to uncles showing the way to enjoy yourself I meet my wife who had lived a very strict setting ,told all things a wrong etc you get my drift ,I took months to Evan get her to open up,we diccided to get married, sex had been a bit low key ,she took to my family well mixing in ,we lived in a large country house so there was plenty of room ,my dad said to me once we marry she will have to be welcomed, by him and my uncles so we can all be real close, this had been said a few times ,as time past we had all often sat around the garden in our swimwear ,my dad and uncles would flirt with her, a few weeks after we married we were all having a drink in the evening, when my dad just said to me and her it was about time we did the things that we chatted about, and dad just walked up to her and started to kiss her, she was very nervous but new it was going to happen as we had chatted about it,she was in a mini skirt and as he kissed he run his hand up her leg I new my place so was just watching telling her to just relax


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Apr 21, 2018
Fake and if my dad did what he said his dad did.. id have to put my dad in his place.. and his place isn't in my wife that's for me and whoever I decide to let in her beautiful pussy.. no family