You should try this


Aug 7, 2016
Usually, I let her do the talkin' - but I got this one...
I'd get up next to her so I could talk into her ear without being loud, yet not whispering.
I'd say something like,"hey baby -since you're just hangin'out I was thinkin' maybe you
wouldn't mind helping me rehearse my ventriloquist act." About then i'd gently reach
down to tap her asshole with one finger and glide it along her crease up to her clit and
just hold it there a minute while I continue to explain. Raising my arm up, bent at the
elbow 90 degrees and making a fist, I tell her, "While you're hanging there, I'll pull up a
bar stool right next to ya. Then all I need you to do is slide down onto my arm here and
sing while I drink a beer." Wait! You don't like that? Ok, then how about I put my hands
together like I'm praying see, then as you're hanging there I'll position under you so I can
dive right into your pussy, making a huge splash! Then while the judges are holding up
their score cards with 1.5, -2, etc., I'll parade around wearing you like a full parka and flip
everybody off with my beer drinkin' hand sticking out from your mouth." If that doesn't
leave her soaking in her shorts, I'll stuff this composition into her cunt, then proceed to
remove the historical document using only my tongue. I'm guessing, being your girl and
all, that document might be lodged in her cavern really deep, so rent us a room for a week
and you can keep the video!
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