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    Taking steps forward with my wife

    Where is the sexting site or app?
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    58 year old wife , Still gets me hard

    Very hot! Love those legs.
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    Our Journey . . .

    So, Zeke, it has been hard for you? Would like to know more about that. Any pain or regrets?
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    First Time Poster - Long Time Closet Cuck

    closetcuck11 closetcuck11 Check your DM’s. I am in a very similar situation and share your concerns. Hope to chat further.
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    Any German/Austrian?

    We live in Düsseldorf. My wife has is not yet a hot wife. But I think she would love your cock - she just doesn’t know it yet!
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    Any German/Austrian?

    Living in Düsseldorf, you? We are from the US.
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    Would love to see my wife sucking it!!!

    Would love to see my wife sucking it!!!
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    Like your cock

    Like your cock