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    Well that was all I was waiting for....a second NO vote.....
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    Yeah we have a set of photos taken by Phil plus the full set taken by my husband of the whole photo set and more.... Natural light does have more effect but then sometimes it doesn't really show that well and you end up with a dark or blurry image You'll have to wait and see....conclusion...
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    Thanks for the follow, hope you enjoy all our posts...Becky xx

    Thanks for the follow, hope you enjoy all our posts...Becky xx
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    As I mentioned earlier there was something a little unusual going on with this photo the photographer was taking the pictures of me, my husband was taking photo's of the whole as my panties slid slowly down my stockings, Phil was snapping away and my husband was...
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    30 votes and only 1 vote against (that was me by the way).....seems pretty overwhelming :eek:
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    Anyone been to sex club?

    We used a couple of sex clubs quite a few years ago, mostly we avoided the couples nights and attended on what they called their 'greedy girl' nights. I'll leave you to decide what that phrase means but the ratio of men to women was usually at least 5:1. Overall our experiences were pretty mixed...
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    Becky....the first time (with photos)

    Well it isn't that many compared to some of the ladies on here but thank you all the same. And feel free to jack off to me anytime...:);)
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    Mwah....thank you so much, its people like you that keep us posting and enjoying it here...Becky xx
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    I was very tempted to delete this thread but after thinking about it for a while, and receiving a number of requests to keep it going I will post another photo in the set. But as I do I really have to say the idea behind this thread was to try to get some of who don't contribute looking and...
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    Who wants to talk about our girlfriends??

    Welcome to the start the conversation off
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    new FRIEND

    Very nice, I'm sure you'll make a lot of friends on here.....Becky xx
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    My apologies. I had taken your comment to mean something a little different. I know that engaging people on here is rather difficult but this was my, albeit feeble, attempt to generate a little enthusiasm and involvement.
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    I understand what 'cut to the chase' means, I was just wondering what your meaning was in the context of this thread but I suppose I will take it as the literal meaning as you have defined.
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    Still waiting to get to the next be honest I'm almost giving up on this thread.... And the chase is?
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    Found what I was looking for (maybe)

    Welcome to the site, hope you have fun here and looking forward to hearing more of your experiences....Becky xx