1. C

    Have you ever willingly fucked someone who is in a relationship?

    This is something I have always been curious about, as I have only been on the other side of things. (Someone else fucking my girlfriend) How does it feel to fuck someone who is committed and faithful to someone else? Is it empowering? Do you regret it afterwards? Have you ever reached out to...
  2. M

    i want my wife to have an affair at work

    can’t stop fantasizing about my wife having an affair at work! i know men flirt round her a lot and you can tell my her underwear she enjoys the attention! she is absolutely gorgeous! she has another works night out end of this month! i know she would never do anything but i would love her to...
  3. Kev627

    It has gotten complicated

    A couple of months ago I responded to an advert on a contact site for a man to join a married couple for sex, the three of us messaged online for several weeks but then it was just me and Wife messaging and arranging our first meet. We met in a cafe, chatted for an hour and then went for a quiet...