1. hotcouplefun80

    Hotwife Request Please read post!

    Last night the Wife said she wants to she guys or girls getting off to her pictures. Whether it be videos or pictures. Who is willing to help out? Ps- I’m pretty endowed and good looking. So if your not in shape or packing save us all some time and move on.
  2. Khaleesi

    Hi to all!

    Hello to all! We are new to this forum. We travel a lot. We would be happy to meet new people. We want to meet a girl or a young couple. Photos from California travel. Soon we are going to New York, Washington and Miami.
  3. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Girlfriend Before Work.

    It’s erotic taking before work pics of my girlfriend, knowing she’s looking beautiful for her job..
  4. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Young Girlfriend/Saturday Night Partying.

    Saturday nights are made for her..