1. sam4fun

    To be hotwife Jaazmin

    Please follow the latest thread. here.. I don't post here any more this is the wife writing and i am interested in this lifestyle. ..I am a woman with many desires whch I am looking to get fulfilled. A naughty...
  2. xxxcouplexxx

    Becky...stripping for a photographer

    Taking a deep breath; I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and bare all and show my face or, to be more accurate, to see if you want me to. The idea is to get a little bit interactive with everyone. I will post a series of photos of me doing a strip, each picture will include a target to...
  3. xxxcouplexxx

    A hotwife fashion show

    I’m sure we all have things we love to wear for our man, or should I say men, I know I have. Maybe a certain pair of shoes, a short skirt, some sexy underwear or whatever. So how about having a bit of fashion show and putting up some photos of our sexiest and favourite items? This thread is not...
  4. xxxcouplexxx

    Becky....continuing to be a hotwife (with photos)

    First of all, thanks to everyone who viewed or commented on my story ‘Becky – the first time’. It was my intention to tell the story of how I became a ‘hotwife’ and, hopefully, in doing so answer some of the questions people are always bringing up on the subject of how to get into the lifestyle...
  5. xxxcouplexxx

    Toys……or their alternative…what have you used?

    We all prefer cock but what do we use when we’re horny and can’t get any or when we really want to get our man going? I know I’ve tried most things. Feel free to add a comment if I’ve missed anything from the poll (I'll add it in) or even add a photo of you with one of your favourites if you...
  6. xxxcouplexxx

    Who are you fucking?

    Sorry another poll :rolleyes: but I thought it might be interesting to find out where us girls find most of our sexual partners. Feel free to comment as well :) Multiple votes allowed.
  7. xxxcouplexxx

    Becky, an introduction to being a hotwife (with photos)

    Reading through the forums it appears a lot of the posts on here are from those considering introducing their partner to the ‘hotwife’ lifestyle and looking for some kind of advice or support or even guidance. So, I thought I would offer the story of my own introduction and first time experience...
  8. xxxcouplexxx

    Becky...posing for a photographer friend

    We debated posting this in stories but as it involves photos we thought that here would be better. Although my husband has taken most of my photos he did, a while ago, persuade me to pose for a single friend of his, a professional photographer who I'll call Tom. Although Tom was primarily an...
  9. xxxcouplexxx

    Becky's first experience as a prostitute

    We were fascinated to read Ann's post about fulfilling her fantasy of being a whore and decided to share a similar experience that we had several years back. It had always been my husband's fantasy for me to go 'on the game' and sell my body to a stranger but I had always resisted, mainly due...