1. H

    Desi girl pussy stretched

    Pussy stretched
  2. T

    South Asian women/wives from UK

    Young black guy who only wants to paki,bengali and indian women would be a plus if she’s muslim/wears hijab for our meet
  3. P

    Proud husband of a sweet brown wifey 😍

    I am not into cuckolding. I love my 20yo wife very much. I like to show off her dashing beauty. It kinda turns me on. Thats all. Your positive comments will encourage me to give regular updates 😎 N.B: We are from Indian sub-continent. A glimps of my love in the pix😘
  4. T

    BBC looking for Pakistani,Indian,Bengali,Arab women or couples

    Looking for south Asians or brown women in general in or around London. Hope to have some fun with discreet friendly meetups
  5. B

    Wife likes roleplay more and more

    My wife is 20yo. I am 25. We are married for 2 years. Recently I observed that she is more turned on during roleplay sex where she thinks me as her cousin or teacher or something else. And have intense orgasm. What may be the reason?
  6. B

    My young wife secretly follows her ex bf social media

    I am 25, my wife is 20. She is very beautiful and caring. I love her very much. We are married for 1.5 years. We have a good sexual life. She told me that I was her first love. But recently I saw her secretly following a person id in social media facebook. Then I came to know that, he was her...
  7. B

    Any bengali girl or cuckold here???

    I am well educated and young man. Would love to have some fun online. Bengali preferred, but anyone can knock.
  8. Zezzz

    Cuckold Couples in India/ Indian Cuck

    Any cuckold couple who are a little worried about their first time doing this can PM me! Also Men trying to convince/get their wives into this lifestyle or do this once can also contact me on how to take things forward! Experienced Young Indian Bull (21), 6'2" here .../sexting is also one of...
  9. ntbd8

    Want white guy to seduce my 19yo bengali she conservative wife...

    She has a wonderful body. she does not talk with other guys in reality... but her innerself is very horny i know. I am searching for someone who can reveal the slut inside her. only interested and enthusiast people knock me
  10. IMG_20220111_022737_623.jpg


  11. IMG_20220111_022739_287.jpg


  12. Smrity

    Couple Gf/Bf....Hey we r from Bangladesh


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