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  2. M

    Braless wife. A sign?

    Hi. My wife (early 30's) started going braless. That started after a Europe vacation when I saw her going braless for the first time (sometimes even with revealing dresses that, if she moved wrong, could show everything). I'm ok with it (I love it). Wondering if that's a sign that she can do...
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    Dressed to go out
  4. brC03550 - Copy.JPG

    brC03550 - Copy.JPG

  5. brC03555 - Copy.JPG

    brC03555 - Copy.JPG

    this top always gets attention
  6. brT0110s2 - Copy.JPG

    brT0110s2 - Copy.JPG

    Springtime braless
  7. brT0267c - Copy.JPG

    brT0267c - Copy.JPG

    Springtime braless
  8. br0080 - Copy.JPG

    br0080 - Copy.JPG

    Springtime braless
  9. PICT168 - Copy.JPG

    PICT168 - Copy.JPG

    Springtime braless-through two layers!! A variation of my profile picture.
  10. Dodger cleavage

    Dodger cleavage

    Go dodgers
  11. Dodger cleavage

    Dodger cleavage

    Supporting her team
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    Gina in one of her favourite tops.
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    Love when she wears tank tops with no bras!
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    she will many times walk around like this
  16. jaazhubby

    How will use this Indian Slutwife with your friends?

    Hi All, I am relatively new here. But some of you might already know her from here or other platforms. Her fans and bfs made sure to make her a webslut. Well we can't do much in lockdown. Jaaz had few of her flings and me too. We liek to see more of us as Stag n Vixen And this year we thought of...