1. C

    Looking for a bull im a cuck me online im a bi cuck

    Hey bulls im a bi cuck who loves stroking to bull cocks as they cum to my wifes tity and feet pics im super submissive and i want to be a dirty cuckold while i cum myself as I completely expose and share my wife with you bulls as my little cock can only cum so much please message me if you love...
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  3. Big_Mike_SP94

    How many tributes do you think we can do a day???? 😂😂😂😂

    Hi mates, let's have some humor today... I just wanted to share my opinion on this, as a joke, because I can't stop laughing everyday... I'm glad some hubbies like my genitals. I'm glad they offer their wives. But... just a bit of common sense... I have the feeling that most of them get...
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    stroking for wifes
  5. Zizouda

    Hottest face waiting for a cum!

    Share the hottest face pic of your girl , waiting for cum or receiving a facial The others rate pls!
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    Looking for hot wives and or couples
  7. BullofMorocco

    Show your wife to horny african bulls

    Bull from Rabat Morocco 🇲🇦 Show your wife to tribute, rate her
  8. A

    Bulls with Brains?

    I wanted to open this thread in the hope that it might actually unearth some guys who can string an erotic sentence together. My wife was optimistic about joining this site as she hoped that she might find some sexually enlightened guys to chat too. Mostly though, she has received reactions to...
  9. T

    The beggining of a journey - My wife Larissa

    Hello friends, I hope you are well. My name is Paulo and I'm 33 years old. I am from Brazil, I work in a leadership position in a large company, I have a comfortable socio-economic situation and I live in a large house in the countryside of the district. I have been married for 3 years to my...
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    Feeling frisky
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    My wife with two bulls
  14. H

    Preparing for the first time

    Hi! My wife and I have agreed to enter the lifestyle. We’re ready to take it from fantasy to reality. I really want the first time she gets fucked by a bull to be special, memorable, and positive. I just ordered some restraints and am thinking it would be great to tie her up and let two bulls...
  15. Eve with 2 bulls

    Eve with 2 bulls

    Holiday threesome with 2 bulls
  16. shared wife

    shared wife

    wife and 2 bulls
  17. N

    New to cuckolding. Need help n where to find a bull. Some of the dating sites are not very good. Any s

    New to cuckolding. My wife and I are looking for a bull. What dating site is best? i tried some and not very good. Looking for recommendation. Trying to find in different cities as we travel a
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  19. MrRightBull

    Lifestyle Traits

    Hello everyone, I am new to the lifestyle and I am still learning. I wanted to ask you more experienced Cucks, Wife’s, Bulls what are life style traits that one can pick up in public about people in this type of lifestyle, and what role they might play? When I talk to every day people, I want to...
  20. vixenish76

    Nympho/Vixen iso bulls in Virginia Beach area

    I'm the female half of a cuckold couple and owner of a cocksucking pig. I'm seeking hung gentlemen to fill me up when he's not around. Would enjoy filming our get togethers to rub in his face later. I also love to face sit/smother and I am a squirter. Kindly be DDF non-smoker as I am Can't wait...