1. X

    Are condoms a must? Or you like bareback? Creampies or no?

    Let me hear y'all?
  2. L

    Does anyone have this feeling with condoms takes a long time to ejaculate?

    Good evening, Users One time I was in a hotel with this person I met at work. I tried all variations of condoms and after two hours of non stop sex, I could not cum, She managed to orgasm multiple times but me no. After I went bare inside her and I managed to cum easily. If it's skin to skin I...
  3. Y

    Without Condoms?

    My girlfriend is having her first bull over this weekend. We met this guy online, he seems super nice, and he’s gotten tested so we know he’s clean. We’re both very excited for our first time. However, I’m curious on your thoughts regarding condoms. My girlfriend is on the pill and he was...