1. WW4OnlyFans

    30 year old male looking for first Cuckhold

    I live in the south jersey area 30 years old I want to enjoy a cuckhold with someone.
  2. J

    Breeding your wife

    Hi there, I’m a bit new to this site but I’m a young, 6’1, 8inch, 190 lbs athletic build, bull. I’ve serviced a few wives in the short time I’ve been in this lifestyle, (mostly neighbors or family friends believe it or not!) But I’m interested in hearing about whether you have or would let your...
  3. Clean Up Boy

    Our second play date with our new Bull

    *Please look up my name Clean Up Boy to read about our first playdate! Our second play date had arrived. Our new young hung Bull arrived on time as usually, clean, smelling good, and more relaxed now. We started again with drinks and chat to get the mood going while watching a MILF movie. Not...
  4. A4160475-0BEB-400E-92C5-D6DDFEF48BFA.jpeg


    Wet and ready!
  5. Rayallurz

    In Orlando any sexy women & cuckhold action looking for

    In the Orlando area for a few days hmu
  6. Pistil

    The Wine Bar Encounter, part three

    "Oh yes, and I have a gift for you, come quickly!" I scanned the room, my panties, bra and dress where by the side of the bed, my dress had landed near the door.The bed was a mess, wrinkled and undone and I was in even worse shape. I inventoried the damage in the side mirror, my neck and chest...
  7. Pistil

    The Wine Bar Encounter, part two

    I am not in the mood for young chicks, I need a woman, a real woman And I think I found one. I hit the lotto too I thought to myself, this young, good looking and eager guy. I am going to make the best of this. I saw his eyes drift from my face to my belly, it felt good, my belly lurched, I...
  8. Danny Dans

    First time posting. Meet my good wife.

    How would you fuck my wife? TRIBUTE PLEASE! She is 50yrs old and a Christian woman who loves the idea (she hasn’t verbalized it to me yet) of a bull or young man fucking her. She is not ready for cuckhold yet but gets so wet when I whisper to her while fucking “imagine being fucked by a young...