cuckold fantasy

  1. T

    Amwf couple fantasy

    Hey guys, first time poster here. I met a girl back in college, been together for 5+ years, got married recently, she means a world to me. She’s a 5”2’ blonde with slim frame, not particularly sporty by slim thanks to her genes. I’m a 5”7’ Asian, not particularly scrawny or buff. We’ve been...
  2. C

    Whats the definition?

    Hi This seems like the right forum to ask my question... Im a married man, with a wife who's also my dominatrix. We've been playing with cuckold fantasy-play in the bedroom for quite some time, but with a twist. My wife is bi-sexual, and she (and I of cause) really likes the idea of her being...
  3. H

    Desperately want wife to be blacked

    Alright so I’m very new to this but it’s been a fantasy of mine for about a year now and idk how to go about bringing it up to my wife. She’s absolutely gorgeous with the perfect body but I want to watch her get used by a black guy so badly. She said she’s never been with one and I think that’s...
  4. W

    Lover fucking me with 8 inch thick dildo

  5. slut4blacks

    As a cuckold, what is the most obscene fantasy you have proposed to your gf or wife? and she accepted?

    Each one of us was excited to imagine his woman in a particular situation, as far as I'm concerned I've always raised the bar, proposing all kinds of filth. At last she said no.