1. Party dress

    Party dress

    Looking forward to a fun night
  2. 28fbeac4-5c19-429d-a65f-6d0063f7756f.mp4


    My Colombian Guilty Pleasure
  3. Dancing


  4. Dancing and Flashing

    Dancing and Flashing

  5. DancingFinal.mov


    Apparently my wife likes this song. I got a little show out of it.
  6. IMG_7752 2 - Copy.png

    IMG_7752 2 - Copy.png

  7. IMG_6770 (1).MOV

    IMG_6770 (1).MOV

    sasha shaking her hips
  8. Dirty Dancing

    Dirty Dancing

    My wife performing a brazilian dirty dancing called "Brazilian funk"
  9. T

    Safford Party

    Cowboys!!! Lucky cowboy guess if I am on left or right? it was so cold. Put some jeans on and danced with a short cowboy, but he was buiilt
  10. Janderson32151

    Wife Being Fucked Tonight

    Wife sent me away until she calls and says I can return. While eating dinner she sent this to me and one of her bulls. You can see leather cuffs on our bed. He’s going to restrain her to fuck her tonight.
  11. Bufalo

    help: I'm addicted to being a "(not so) soft" cuckold. soft only, nothing else.

    srry guys