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  2. SNJCouple

    A little dirty

    I think it is fun to force husband (she/her) to be used…then immediately when he is done in her (husband) to make her (husband) suck him clean. We (wife and lover) could laugh as she (husband) tasted their sex and made her (husband) lover hard again then do it all again. Thoughts?
  3. She’s ready

    She’s ready

    Wife getting ready to fuck good
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    My wifes big ass
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    Will yours fit ? Would it be tight for you then me ?
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    Slut up for comments
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    Had a photoshoot last night. More to come, if you want to see them.
  9. S

    Any bulls on sdc.com?

    My wife travels a lot and enjoys meeting bulls in every city but she's not had much luck lately. She mostly uses the swinger site sdc.com. just curious if anyone on here uses that site.
  10. Mister and Miss

    wife's holes before and after sex with lovers

    I really like to look at my wife's holes after sex:p:p
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  12. Talking about other guys

    Talking about other guys

    She admits she will swallow anyone’s loads
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  14. naturalcucky

    I would like to ask you to write dirty, humiliating comments on my wife’s pictures. Thanks!

    I want to read how someone writes rough things about my Goddess. There is no limit! :love: Because of covid, my wife hasn’t had a lover for almost a year now, so I would really enjoy that! 🥰