1. Chopper0708

    Phone fun

    Hi everyone horny and fancy phone chat and have a bit of fun of the phone??????
  2. J

    Hot Wives and Dogging?

    Here in the U.S., it seems dogging is almost unknown. KK and I've tried several times to arrange dogging encounters, but they have largely been a bust, with just one exception. We live in an area where one of the last remaining adult drive in theaters is still operating. We've visited a few...
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    Just walking the trail.
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  7. L

    Dogging 🚗🅿️🏞️

    Hey to all the community, did someone here tried dogging before? If yes tell us about it Ps: those who have just the fantasy can express as well
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    Use me please
  13. Daveandsue

    New couple

    Hi we are a female male couple in the UK She is Sue and is in charge of everything and loves sex and anything to do with sex, absolutely loves a nice big cock or a sweet pussy to get her mouth around or in He is Dave and is a sub and permanently locked in a chastity cock cage, also bisexual...
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  17. PornoMaster

    My Sweet Wife

    Hi All, Looking for her fans!!! Please Send me her pics & links for her pics.
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    Help to fulfil

    My fantasy is to watch my wife with another guy, she has shown a very strong interest in this but we just can't seem you find genuine guys anywhere. I want to watch her fuck and suck another guy, just writing it here makes my balls tingle. Please help with advice and suggestions.