dominant bull

  1. B

    bi couples who love rimming

    How is your experience with ass worshiping? Ever slid your sloppy tongues deep in your bulls ass? Love to hear your experiences.
  2. F

    Something I wanted to try as a bull

    I have talked to many cucks before and I had thought of trying this before but never did. But since I have explored my dominant side a little more, I am determined to try it ;) I want to find a couple, someone I get along with, and message with them. We make you the middleman in charge of...
  3. F

    Back from a long break!

    Like the title says, not explicitly, I am not exactly new here. I have been a member for a little bit, but I have been away for some time! On that break, I explored my more dominant side and thought it would be a nice touch in this lifestyle! :devilish: I am a 27 year old bull from Canada...
  4. Brazilian Tool

    Brazilian Tool

    Tell me what you'd do with it. Most creative answers get a treat... 😉
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    Ready for him
  6. Mario007

    25strong male looking for 40 or 50 women or couples

    Im looking for a long term relationship (online only) couples preferred
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  9. IMG_5261.jpeg


    Experienced bull in West London area looking to give pleasure
  10. 1

    Tributes from young bull

    I do tribs for hotwifes/gfs. Feel free to dm!
  11. BlackRhino#25.jpg


    She wanted me to go deep. Walked away with the gold medal when it was over.
  12. BlackRhino#21.jpg


    Me and Kelly again.
  13. BlackRhino#8.jpg


    My slutty ex Kelly from the country club
  14. BlackRhino#7.jpg


    The bartender from back when I was working at the country club.
  15. BlackRhino-.jpg


    She wanted to taste the chocolate
  16. D


  17. P

    Interracial breeding

    Any cuck couple from UK into interracial cuckolding with raceplay aspect? 34 yr old Pakistani male here. I can be very dominant and assertive.
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    For your wife
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    For your wife
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    For your wife