1. L

    Young couple (25/25) from Europe

    Hey :) Young and inexperienced couple from Germany here. Looking for long term partners to explore the lifestyle with. We prefer intelligent and well-groomed men 40+. If you're also in the age gad dynamics, you're welcome :) Stag/vixen is more interesting than cuckold, and being dominant for...
  2. swiss_couple

    sex game with my wife (28yo) - ai generated

    Hi all, Those of you who have been in touch with us already know that we (Tamara & Marc) are a wifesharing couple from Switzerland. For those that are geographically not close enough to meet Tamara, we have created an AI-generated sex game, with Tamara being the main character. Here's the...
  3. L

    Young and attractive couple from Germany

    Hey! We're young attractive and well-educated couple from Germany. Unfortunately, our German is quite bad, so please English language only. Looking for a guy/couple 25+ years old. Drugs, sex with random people and self-destruction are our taboos. Permanency and trust play the key role. For...
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    Europe here ?
  5. kOb6TdADTSA.jpg


    Europe here ?
  6. L

    Young couple from Europe

    Hey! We are young hot couple from Germany. Looking for friends with benefits. Live not really far from Berling, but glad to meet people from whole Europe. PM us, we are waiting for you :) PS. Sorry, our German is far from perfect. Maybe you will teach us..?
  7. L

    Tall bbc looking for sexy wives

    Any couples looking for a tall bbc in Europe. I can travel and stay for 2-3 days
  8. kinkyson

    BWC in Serbia

    Really good looking Serbian boy (or man), 29 years old, with fat, massive dick. Strictly straight. Interested only in women. Got some experience with older cuckold couples, where husbands were watching only. I liked that (as their wifes). A lot experience with cheating wifes. If some couple or...
  9. petitecpl86

    Cuckold Couple from Malta (Europe)

    Mid 30's, married cuckold couple. Eager to network and get to know people.
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  11. C

    am I sluty enough?

    hi, I am Alexandra (26) from Czech Republic. I would like to share with you some of my phtos :)
  12. B

    Anyone around Europe?

    I'm a 30 year old bull from Norway, traveling frequently because of my work as a scientist (if we disregard this pandemic situation). I've been a bull since I was 18 years old with various couples and I like to establish a relationship on a friendly basis with the couple firstly. Please feel...