1. Boating Fun

    Boating Fun

    Boating safety is highly recommended.
  2. 1566567894068.jpeg


  3. su skype.mp4

    su skype.mp4

  4. SAM_2622a.jpg


    Im really friendly on the boat..wanna ..board me??
  5. Flexed Ass Flash

    Flexed Ass Flash

    love to show off my muscular ass and flex hard!
  6. IMGP9848.jpg


    My wifes ass in public
  7. 14776A37-B5B2-4D6A-93B2-DB71DB7D99B6.jpeg


    Wife’s big titties that she loves to show off!
  8. 20191117_122516 (2)_LI.jpg

    20191117_122516 (2)_LI.jpg

  9. Bra and Panties with Heels

    Bra and Panties with Heels

    Two years ago an old college buddy of mine was in South Florida on vacation and came by to visit. We had not seen each other in 35 years and we invited him to stay in a spare bedroom. My wife came out in heels and matching panties and bra. I had told her this guy managed to fuck all my girlfriends
  10. Showing off

    Showing off

  11. Vegas Hallway

    Vegas Hallway

  12. Acting like everything is normal.... ;)

    Acting like everything is normal.... ;)

  13. More bar fun

    More bar fun

  14. Proving she wasn't wearing anything under that dress

    Proving she wasn't wearing anything under that dress

  15. randic69

    Has your wife or GF ever do a public cum walk?

    One of our theater visits my wife had 5 guys and me cum on her tits. Her chest and neck were completely covered and usually she has taken the little hand towel we bring with and cleans herself up after. This time she left and just pulled her tank top back up causing the cum to soak through...
  16. Stuck overnight in a hotel room, we made the most of it. ;)

    Stuck overnight in a hotel room, we made the most of it. ;)

  17. Outside


  18. L

    Pro photog looking for sexy couples or throuples in SoCal

    Every once in a while I look for sexy couples who are not shy and want some pro quality photos of their erotic adventures. Over the years I have photographed 8 couples and 2 threeways, the style has ranged from soft Playboy to XXX. I am discreet and respect your privacy, I use my cameras and...
  19. Second date bj

    Second date bj

  20. btweets

    Sexiest photo shoot pics, ever taken by a “professional” photographer... Erotic, unexpected or unusual experiences during a Photo Shoot.

    Let’s see them and hear them! Share the sexiest pictures, or tell us about an unforgettable experience, during a photo shoot with a “professional” photographer.