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    Having fun at the hotel window
  2. Smallfly

    Playful and Exhibitionist wife

    My playful slut wife. Love to play innocent but in reality, loved to exposed herself and quite a daring exhibitionist. The dress she was wearing were quite short. Only slightly covered her ass. If not careful, will be easily exposed. The yellow dress is of thin soft material but she love to go...
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    Sharing a pic of Marcus
  4. IMG_20151227_102311-1.jpg


    Serving me as a happy meal mmm
  5. J

    Balcony fun

    Hello, We are a couple m27 f29 I fucked her on the balcony 6 years ago. but before doing this, I asked my wife to dance with the curtains open. The man on the next balcony was watching him. But my wife told me about this incident much later. She danced very beautifully that day. She told me that...
  6. FitWifeProject

    FitWife Exposed at the Hotel Door

    Hubs had a thrilling adventure few weeks ago at a hotel! He humiliated me more than he ever has! Standing inside our room, holding the door open while he takes pictures and video!😬 The large windows fully open too!😳
  7. IMG_8663.jpeg


    So fucking funny😒😠 Making me stand in our hotel doorway showing my big ass so everyone can see! It’s not enough that our fucking windows are wide open!! 🫣😳 Fucking asshole! Hope you guys laugh your hearts while I get humiliated for being such a stupid desperate slut! 🫣🙈
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    Good morning! My fun sleep shirt
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    Jennifer’s public cameltoe
  10. IMG_1875.jpeg


    Jennifer’s public cameltoe
  11. IMG_4215.jpeg


    Jennifer’s public cameltoe
  12. IMG_4226.jpeg


    Jennifer’s public cameltoe
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  14. S

    Wife strips at party while several people watch and masturbate fantasy

    one of my ultimate fantasies involving my wife is to be at an all-adult party at someone’s house where there are about 20 people, most of them strangers. I'd be there with my wife (she’s 35 now, I’m 34) and at some point in the night she gets up on a large sturdy table and starts dancing and...
  15. wifecuck69


    Lets display our girls in all their glory showing off in WINDOWS, Balconies, porches, patios etc. Performing sex acts and posing whilst on the verge of getting caught and/or actually getting caught!
  16. Angela's Party Lingerie

    Angela's Party Lingerie

    Angela displaying before playing
  17. Exhibitionist wife outside of Mcdanold

    Exhibitionist wife outside of Mcdanold

    Asian wife exhibiting outside of Mcdanod showing her face with quarter bra. I put the headlight of my car to light her up.
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    My slut wore this to a bar to meet another guy to bring home for a threesome with us.
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    My slut showing her sweet pussy off by McDonald's
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    Love to show my wife. In person would be good.