1. blackman3285


    West Chester Ohio U.S.
  2. M

    Let me get you closer to your cuck fantasies!!!

    Pm if you would like me to deepfake the woman of your choice and send you the video, will need at least 3-5 pictures of her face that’s clearly visible and a decent close up.(selfies of full face work the best) once you PM me we can work out a deal ! I also can nudify pictures of your choosing!
  3. iPad Selfie

    iPad Selfie

    Putting it out there
  4. Newcuckwife

    Shy women's fantasies

    Hi, my wife is 32 yo, Latina, 5’10, and 235 on her weight. Don’t get me wrong, she is very sexy, but she’s shy. I’m trying to introduce her to the Hotwife scenario. She's doing great but sometimes I would love to make her feel naughty. I have been asking about her fantasies but she is shy and...
  5. A

    Bulls with Brains?

    I wanted to open this thread in the hope that it might actually unearth some guys who can string an erotic sentence together. My wife was optimistic about joining this site as she hoped that she might find some sexually enlightened guys to chat too. Mostly though, she has received reactions to...
  6. 1 hand is not enough to handle

    1 hand is not enough to handle

  7. IncubusKink

    M 40 uk looking for females and couples for spontaneous fun

    Looking for random distraction from reality. Working single father want to meet likeminded women and couples to help fulfil others fantasies and try new things. This experienced and eager, not one to let down the side and always the well manicured gentlemen. Will go above and beyond to make...
  8. C

    How My Husband and I ended Up Here

    Hello Beautiful People, My name is Cecilia and my husbands name is Michael. We have been married for 7 years now. We have beautiful children. I would like to tell the story how we ended up in this platform and exploring it together. My husband is a very self confident man in everything he...
  9. Gentleman Bull

    Ultimate cuckold experience

    If you could make your imagination, and creativity, come true, what would be the ultimate cuckold experience for you? What would provide you the apex of the cuckold lifestyle fantasy and pleasure? You can post images of It If desired.
  10. D