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    I have a medical fetish. Can you answer some questions about my wife?

    She showed up to your home for a physical and you can use any tools at home to check her over. 1) What symptom is she complaining about? 2) What's the first thing you are going to examine? 3) Which household items are you using to inspect her? 4) To end the exam, you are given a syringe and...
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    hubby love pantyhose
  3. Big Ass dirty fucked by Shower Spout

    Big Ass dirty fucked by Shower Spout

    Big Ass dirty fucked by Shower Spout
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    Panty Wanking

    Through my contact with many cuckhubbie's (or "cuckpartners"), and many other guys into panty fetishes, I have found guys who love the dynamic of meeting other guys, partner's used/worn panties "in hand", and using them to wank them off.....often mutually....either publicly, or in a private...
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    Could you be cucked to do this (and more!) behind your partner's back??

    I am interested to hear from guys who share a similar panty fetish, either openly or candidly, and would do something similar. Or, maybe, you would allow another guy into your wife's panty drawer to do the same??