first bbc

  1. Z

    Hi egyptian

    Hi evey one
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    Sweet boy right there!
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    Full intimacy in swing or sharing is the ultimate conquest... sometimes its not about sex... sharing its in her mind =) (Maike's first bbc, August 2021)
  4. My 1st time with a BBC

    My 1st time with a BBC

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    Robins first BBC part 2! I had to make the video into two parts, this is the part where she tells him to take the condom off and that she wants him to cum inside her pussy! Sorry for the poor quality!
  6. H

    Need help getting my wife blacked

    So I really want to get my wife blacked but she’s super conservative and I don’t want to bring anything like this up because it’ll just freak her out. I want to slowly get her interested in black cock subliminally. For example I’m trying to find a porn site where it’s just 80% black cock without...
  7. Boudica

    Girlfriends pussy soaking wet for first BBC Dildo I got her.

    She slowly got used to the size and took it pretty deep as you can see on the pics ;0 As I said, never saw her so wet, stretched her so good. She loved it so much!
  8. Boudica

    Recently joined, About me (22) and my Gf (19).

    Supp, im Bo, 22 from Holland. I have a 19yr old Girlfriend. A while ago I got very interested and curious when I saw a post of someone sharing his wife with a Black Guy. Never really realized that BBC would be so much bigger and better, the insane satisfaction it seems to give girls. I...
  9. Joeyza

    My horny wife

    Come for us