1. T

    Have you ever had this happen to you?

    So we were having a few drinks in a party. We were playing some games and wife lost. So the winner jokingly took my wife to the bedroom. An hour later they were back chatting up like nothing happened. There was another time early in our marriage. We were in a jacuzzi and the wife was just...
  2. A

    A game rating girls and getting reward

    Hey guys!! Do you want to play a game where we compare different girls and select one to advance to next stage? If your winner became my wife I'll send you all her nudes and let her vc with you for 10 minutes the way you choose. PM me
  3. monikasands

    Erotic Online Game

    I will send 1 picture of someone I think may turn you on. You can either pick to see more pictures of that person or to see another person. At any point you can pick any of the people you have seen so far and I will show you more of that person. Once you pick your person, you only get pictures...
  4. Bi couple persuaded her friend to try with them.mp4

    Bi couple persuaded her friend to try with them.mp4