Wife Wants To Play Community Hot Dares Super League


May 8, 2023
Hey there, fellow kinksters! As most of us probably posses a bit of an exhibitionist personality. We would like to start a new game that promises to bring excitement and a touch of spice to our already sexy community.

Allow us to present the "Wife Wants To Play Community Hot Dares Super League" – a unique challenge where members can earn points by completing daring and sexy tasks which are appointed.

Here's how it works:

1. Participation: The game is open to all forum members. Whether you're a veteran or a newcomer, single male/female, a couple or even a throuple, everyone is welcome to join!

2. Daring Tasks: New tasks can be started by anyone and there can be multiple tasks at one given time. As soon as the first person/couple performs this task the points are given and that task ends. Onto the next.

3. Awarding Points: After each dare, participants will be awarded points based on the difficulty and risk level of the dare they accomplished (points to be published at the time the dare/task is set). The more daring and adventurous the task, the higher the points rewarded!

4. Setting the task: Create the tasks with the below format as an example;

Task Title: Wife to show breast while at work
Task Format: image/video/gif
Task Points: 10
Task Time Frame: Until completed

5. Submission: To submit your task you must add the title of the task plus meet the criteria of the task as well as submit the evidence required for the task to be completed. Media needs to be taken after the task has been set, you can't submit an old image/video.

Task Title
: Wife to show breast while at work

*Image/gif/ video of wife's breast

Now, to keep track of our game progress and foster some healthy competition, we propose to create a league table. To contribute to this, please copy and paste the format below and update it with the accumulated points won from your task (taskmaster to update, not the participants submitting). Let's keep the scores rolling!

Wife Wants To Play Community Hot Dares Super League Table:

1. [Username] - [Points] +10
2. [Username] - [Points]
3. [Username] - [Points]
4. [Username] - [Points]
5. [Username] - [Points]

*include the points won into the overall score as well as adding the points won at the end of the line so it's clear who won the points. Be sure to remove the points won from the previous round at the end of the line.

The primary objective of this game is to have fun, and explore your boundaries. If you feel something needs to be included to make the game a bit more fun, feel free to add the comments or PM us.

Let the games begin, try and be as exciting and creative as possible. May the boldest and sexiest participants rise to the top of the league table!

We will start:

Task Title: Flash pussy/cock while out for dinner in a restaurant/public eatery (must be clear it's a public restaurant)
Task Format: Image
Task Points: 20
Task Time Frame: Until completed