1. Still not hard, any wife wanna make my hard?

    Still not hard, any wife wanna make my hard?

    Fat cock, very fat
  2. Empty My balls

    Empty My balls

    Wifes that wanna taste it?
  3. C


  4. 20220715_112111.jpg


    Would you let me exhibit your wife at the beach?
  5. B

    2022 Hot Wife Recap!

    Thought it would be fun to hear how everyone’s year has been? How many meet ups did you have? The best moments? New favorite partners? Something fun and new you have tried? Basically anything you enjoyed looking back on the year 😊 For me this was my first full year being a Bull. At the...
  6. B

    Chances You are Her Biggest (or Smallest) Dick - Calculator

    What are the chances you have the biggest cock she's ever had? Put in your size and see your results: Thought this was an interesting tool that this forum might appreciate. After entering your measurements it shows you comparison to the average dick, world...
  7. Just hanging

    Just hanging

  8. 63V4sDw4.jpg-large.jpeg


    Just me
  9. NortheastofDFW

    Dallas, TX

    My birthday is coming up and my wife keeps asking me what I want. The only thing I want is to watch her use her AMAZING blowjob skills and fuck a younger guy who is at least 8 inches and very thick. If you're a couple with the guy being as I described, that's perfectly fine. Just don't expect...
  10. 7A7C9994-8536-4D94-B3ED-21704C9430F9.jpeg


    Lost some weight recently!
  11. 5B325223-E56D-4D24-9D3E-8644870ECCE7.jpeg


    Full mast
  12. 1AF7BE09-1045-4F78-9F32-D02EA8FA0669.jpeg


  13. b73aced7-6487-4cc1-8314-793fe88d965c.jpg


    My cock compared to toilet roll


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