1. O

    Does anyone else kinda wish to stumble upon pics and videos of your wife?

    Does anyone kinda hope to find pics and videos on this site and or any other site of their wife's nudes/sex pics and videos with another partner prior to her being with you? I would love to find something of my wife on here that I don't know of!
  2. O

    Wifes past sexual experiences

    Is it just me or do you also love it when your girl talks about her past sexual history... I love it when she tells me how she's been fucked, or how many guys have cum inside of her. The places she's fucked or the crazy things she's done with other men and women... Let's share some great...
  3. smcouplebr

    GF's hotpast

    My favorite fetish is listening about my GF's hotpast. We experienced that since the beginning. She hes a lot of kinky stories to tell me while suck me.