GF's hotpast


Jan 8, 2021
this was and still is a favourite off my ex wife and myself,we,re still best mates and she rings me every week a few times telling about her naughty things she did,when we were married she loved it when i had to choose her clothes for work,she,s a teacher in a school for young teens between12and 18yrs ,they got problems with learning,don,t know how to explain this,but for example a 16yrs old is 10yrs old mentally,so i choose allways stockings&garterbelt with a skirt not to short but mid thigh with high heels sandals&anclestraps or wedges ,a blouse with top buttons open showing ,,accidently,, some cleavage,she was dressed like this at home,when we went shopping,visiting family,going out etc.It was not slutty but more something that would give something to fantasize or wondering what was under her skirt,thigh highs?stockings?was she braless or without underwear?She was acting like a sweet lovely helpfull woman,a bit submissive but in fact she was in control over me&other men,i hope we can share her some stories,it turns me on and reading your experiences here is making me allready wet,nothing more erotic for me to please a slut
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Dec 24, 2021
I wish my would. she could have some doozies ! Id love to hear it come dirtily out of her mouth but she will never.


Mar 1, 2016
My favorite fetish is listening about my GF's hotpast. We experienced that since the beginning. She hes a lot of kinky stories to tell me while suck me.
I don’t think that feeling, excitement for a man about his partner’s carnal past, is uncommon at all, though it’s probably less common for couples to exploit it that way. I think there’s something extra to that sort of energy when her “hot past” happened while you were her steady and faithful BF. Pretty much everything we have to talk about in this category is like that. And even though it transpired over a relatively short period of time,… Well let’s just say it was eventful.
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Feb 12, 2023
Cumberland County, NJ, USA
Likewise both by her told word and through my own investigation. 😁 Always got off sneaking peeks at texts or spying from a distance whenever we were at a bar all nite and she'd wander off. At one time while she was moonlighting as a sitter through nursing school had the hunch to drive by one nite out of curiosity to see if she might have had anyone there. Much to my surprise, (well not totally lol) there was another car there so naturally I had to know more. 😏 Doing so without looking like a robber or getting caught spying was challenging but worth the thrill. After some intel about the place, zeroed in on the kitchen and low and behold she was on the center island getting her pussy eaten.

As any other curious guy with an aching deprived dick would do, I pulled it out and started jacking to the show. Watching another guy get her to squirt her hot streams all over the counter was amazing! But once he dropped his jeans and started ramming his thick cock in her dripping slit, I didn't last long pumping gobs of jizz into my hand. As I stood there coaxing every last drop out of my cock I got to see his creamy ropes of cum shoot all over her pussy and belly as he pulled out. Needless to say a hunch I was so glad I followed.