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  1. B6F3059B-AA06-44AB-AAC2-C5C574604020.jpeg


  2. First bull Doggy.MP4

    First bull Doggy.MP4

    My Wife with Bull
  3. Cumming all over and needing more

    Cumming all over and needing more

  4. Take turns  .mp4

    Take turns .mp4

  5. Sexy hotwife showing her hubby how to please me

    Sexy hotwife showing her hubby how to please me

    We played solo...and sent him vids and pics.
  6. B


    Hello All, We are new to the scene, see my last post, looking for a BBC bull for my wife?
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  8. A

    How to convince wife that big penis is better

    Hi All How to convince my wife to believe that big cock is more pleasure for her without try one in real Because my wife doesn’t like talking about have sex with other or watching porn movies, And also, I can’t buy a big dlido for her because its very embarrassing. Last step i just reached with...
  9. Screenshot_20220226-122052_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20220226-122052_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Her riddering me
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    getting ready for next round...
  11. Wife Letting Me Fuck Her with a BBC Dildo

    Wife Letting Me Fuck Her with a BBC Dildo

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    Wife likes to be stretched and filled with cum.
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  15. Do me doggy‼️

    Do me doggy‼️

    I’m a doggy slut whore - wife for bulls
  16. shirt pull up.jpg

    shirt pull up.jpg

    I take A LOT of these pics at work in the bathroom during the work day
  17. Practicing with Shane Diesel

    Practicing with Shane Diesel

    Shane makes her moan!!
  18. B

    Anal experience with young wife

    This was back around 2016 when I was still relatively new to the cuckold lifestyle as a BBC bull, and there was an ad I posted searching for a couple. Within an hour of posting it, I received a response from a guy who wanted his wife to get fucked by a Black man for the very first time so we...
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    Pics of MILF hotwives

    Let's see the best pics of MILF hotwives you have. Want to see some breasts, asses, pussies, and everything in between. Would love to see the hottest of wives on here.
  20. Indianking21


    Any bulls in the Florida area available from mid July to mid August... My wife is gonna be there but I won't... I'll need someone to take care of her. Private message me please thanks...