1. L

    My Wife's Huge Boobs

    Hello everyone! This is where I'll show you the beauty of my wife's huge boobs. Please don't post other pictures here, so this could be just about her. There's a lot more to share with you, if you like it and keep me encouraged to keep on going. Thanks for being here. ENJOY!

  3. jeff60

    Show off your wife's puss.

    lets see them yummy pussys' Start off with Sues huge puss' Dose yours have a bigger one?
  4. 6

    Her ex was huge. Should I continue?

    My wife and I are happily married in our mid 20s both good looking and in good shape. I always liked to try new stuff and add kink into out sex life. My wife on the other hand comes from a conservative family and is shy when it comes to kinks and fetishes. She always like though to do her nails...