Her ex was huge. Should I continue?

Oct 27, 2017
My wife and I are happily married in our mid 20s both good looking and in good shape. I always liked to try new stuff and add kink into out sex life. My wife on the other hand comes from a conservative family and is shy when it comes to kinks and fetishes. She always like though to do her nails for me and she liked the fact of me worshiping her feet. But never something kinkier than that.

It all started when I decided to buy her a big dildo. An 8-inch realistic dildo with veins and balls, just like a real thing. I waited until Saturday night, when we were having a few drinks in our living room I showed her, her gift.

"Oh my god", she said shockingly.

"Do you like it?", I said. She was already tipsy. I poured us another glass to make us more talkative.

"It looks nice and realistic... and big", she said quietly.

I took her by the hand and said, "Why don't you try play with it a bit? You know, to get a feeling of it"

She got on her knees in front of me. I placed her new toy right next to my, by that time already hard cock. The dildo was almost 2 inches longer and much thicker. She started sucking my cock while squeezing the dildo in her hand. Then she switched to the toy wrapping her little mouth around it. She could barely fit the tip.

"Do you like it? It is much bigger than mine, isn't it?" I said.

"Yes, I like it, but doesn't it bother you?", she said surprisingly.

"Not at all. It actually turns me on"

"Hmm.. that’s nice", she said with a drunk voice.

"I would like to see you ride it for me. I bet you never seen anything like it before" I said. She could see how turned on I was.

She smiled at me, squeezed my cock and said "Well, to be honest I have seen bigger than that"

My heart was racing. I thought she could've just teasing me, but I remembered while we were still dating, we once separated for several months. She dated this guy, before getting back with me. They didn't get along and broke up, but every time I tried asking her about it, she would always avoid the conversation. Somehow, I knew it had to be him.

"Promise you won't get mad. I had this ex.... He was huge!" she said with a shy face.

"Damn. How big was he. Did you suck him? Did you give him your ass?" I said rapidly. I knew I was taking it a bit too far.

"No, are you crazy? I never even touched it with my lips. You know how I am. He was so cocky about his size, so once he measured it in front of me. It was almost 10 inch long and a little thicker than this dildo"

I laughed hysterically " There is no way he was that big. Unless you have prove, I don't believe you"

She raised her eyebrows and said "Sure, if you say so"

She took me upstairs to the room, taking her new toy along. I Shoved my dick inside her as soon as we laid down. A few minutes later, she pushed me away and proceeded to slowly shove the dildo inside her. She seemed so into it.

"Lick my feet", she said grabbing her phone. She clicked on something and handed it to me.

"Don’t' tell me you didn't ask for it", she said biting her lips and putting her dildo even deeper.

I didn't know what to expect. I looked at the phone and there it was. A huge, thick cock full of veins. It was way bigger than the dildo.

"What is this?! Don't tell me this is your ex. How come you have this photo on your phone. Do you still miss that big cock don't you?" I said with frustration. But she could see I was actually enjoying this.

"Yes, this is my ex and no, I don't miss his cock. I never enjoyed the sex with him. He was an asshole" she said almost angry.

I kept licking her feet. She came few minutes later. Surprisingly she fit almost the whole dildo inside of her. We were both tired and drunk. She admitted that she liked our little role play, but wouldn't go further than that. I kissed her goodnight and we went to sleep.

Several days passed. My small wife was enjoying her new big toy, but we never came back to the discussion about the huge ex. I couldn't get it out of my head. How my wife could take something so big. She said she always liked the sex we had, but never actually complimented my size. She said it is way above average and it makes her cum and that's what matters.

On one of the weekends we decided to roleplay a little more. We had a few drinks and went to bed. I said that she can be very honest about her deepest fantasies and I won't get mad if she will cross the line. I know my wife has always been loyal to me and would never do something I don't like. She went on top of me. I put my dick inside and started talking dirty to her.

"Do you like that dick baby? Do you like big dicks in your tiny pussy?"

"Yes, honey I love big cocks" she whispered.

"Tell me about the biggest cock you ever had"

"Ok, baby. I'll confess to you about it, but you have to promise you won't get mad"

"Don't worry baby. Tell me all the details" I said with excitement.

"Remember I told you I hated the sex with him. Well, I didn't. I loved that cock. I would worship it, suck it, lick his balls. I would even give him rim jobs. He just had genially a beautiful cock. I could never have enough of it. One time I even gave him my ass. It was painful, but he made me cum in seconds. I also would let him cum inside my pussy and all over my face. I just couldn't resist it."

I was in shock and turned on in the same time. My small wife was doing all these things.

"Damn, but you never let me cum on your face or pussy. Let alone rim jobs and anal"

She smiled at me for a second and with a serious face said: "Listen honey, I love you and you make me happy, but let's face it, your dick compared to that huge cock you saw on the photo is nothing. I love taking your dick, but if I had to choose, I'd choose a cock that can stretch me out."

Soon enough i came inside her. She stood up, let the cum drip on my belly, turned around and went to sleep.

I hugged her and said: "Baby since you miss it so much, would you like to contact him and ask for some more photos of that cock."

She said No right away. Then she shrugged her shoulders and said " Ok, I'll think about it."
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Oct 16, 2017
Yes thats the problem with a lot of ex’ s , they are ex’ s for a reason and for her to contact him for adding him back would be more trouble than the fantasy fullfilmement is worth . Try getting her to browse online together as a couple and hopefully she can be convinced to contact a few and see if any would make a better guy to bring into your life.


Nov 22, 2015
Kate and I have each been married before. She told me that her ex has a really big cock. She liked having sex with him but could not stay married to him.

When Kate started having sex with other guys, at my suggestion, told her that it might be hot for her to let her ex start fucking her again. I knew she would enjoy his big cock and it would be hot for me to have her ex fucking her while she is married to me. They had a son who her ex picked up at our house every other weekend. It was a perfect opportunity for them to fuck while I was at work.

Her ex was also remarried and Kate does not like his new wife. He started fucking Kate in our bed every other week. It was hot. He was not aware that him getting to fuck Kate again was actually my idea, or that I was eating his cum out of her every time he fucked her. I liked being around him at family events more after he started fucking my wife.

We never had any problem with it.