1. Shy wife exposed

    Shy wife exposed

  2. Asian_hotwife

    Couple from Thailand

    Hi guys, new to the scene. Decided to have a little snoop around to see what the community is like. We are a shy couple residing in Bangkok, Thailand (M39F38). Girlfriend is a little shy so might need a little persuasion. More of a stag and vixen than a cuck. Would like to engage in some...
  3. Waiting for you

    Waiting for you

    Asian girlfriend, new to the site. Excited to get to know more of you. More interested in meeting other couples from the region. Come say hi
  4. Derekthecuck


    Just a wannabe. For now. A few years ago, she mentioned, out of nowhere, that if we were ever to have a threesome, it would have to be with two men. I was very aroused. Last week she teased me about dressing up and going out "without you". She's always been shy and conservative, not very...
  5. T

    Rate my wife pussy and body

    Let us know what u think! What would u do to her?
  6. ClaireB

    Tributes for insecure wife

    Wife could use some tributes.
  7. 6

    Her ex was huge. Should I continue?

    My wife and I are happily married in our mid 20s both good looking and in good shape. I always liked to try new stuff and add kink into out sex life. My wife on the other hand comes from a conservative family and is shy when it comes to kinks and fetishes. She always like though to do her nails...
  8. T

    Would you fuck her?

    How would you fuck her?
  9. T

    Shy milf gets fully exposed for the first time

    Shy swedish milf gets fully exposed for the first time. She had never shown her face and naked body doing porn before...but spreads her legs and opens her pussy for the camera. Enjoy!
  10. T

    Would you use her in a brothel?

    Would you use her as a prostitute in a brothel? Pay cash for her mouth, ass and pussy?
  11. T

    Shy milf dressed as a prostitute

    Shy swedish milf dressed as a hooker spreads her juicy cunt wide open for porn pics. Want to see more? ;)