1. Frank117

    ⭐️Erotic Humiliation Story Adventures

    So last night my wife saw that I was showing off her pictures online here. But that was the goal for her to see and see your alls comments. Her pussy was soaking wet and she was super turned on to say the least. We started talking together about what else she wanted to show off. She mentioned...
  2. V

    Potential cuckold looking to get into the scene -- LA/OC/IE area

    44 year old male, single, reside nearby the Los Angeles / Orange County / Inland Empire area interested in getting into the cuckold lifestyle and meeting those in the scene; my personal attributes can be characterized as submissive.
  3. C

    Lost bet fantasy

    this using google translate, i apologize in advance for my mistakes. I have a strange fantasy about it, I searched for a few memories or stories on the internet, but I couldn't find it. I want to bet my wife and lose it so I let her sleep with someone else for the night. Whoever wins the bet...