husband watched

  1. compassionatedom

    Wedding Rings

    The best feeling in the world is a nice cool wedding ring pressed into my cock, just before I mouth fuck another man's wife
  2. M

    Who's cock is who's??

    For the ladies I'm curious which cock you prefer to fuck you??? One is mine and the other my best friends! I'll say which one is which later. Perhaps you can state what you'd like to get from either one?? I might have photos of that action from one or both of us?!
  3. Yoursexypanties

    Cuckolded my husband for the first time!!!

    The other day I fulfilled my husband's fantasy and made him a cuckold. I knew how badly my husband wanted this, but it had to the right guy. After many long and in depth discussions with my husband (and wonderful forum advice) I felt I had prepared as much as one can for a situation like this...