1. Brianna04

    If you were my bull how would you fuck me?

    Hi my name is brianna, I never thought I would post on here but my boyfriend convinced me to. How would you fuck me if we were cucking my bf?
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    My milfy Colombian off and on ex...
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    love him
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    like my wife? want to fuck her in front of me?
  9. F

    Show her innocent and not so innocent sides

    Love seeing women with those 2 very different sides. Most people would see her in public and not think to much of her, but little do they know, they are not so innocent at other times :devilish: I would love you guys to show us those 2 sides of your wife/gf. The innocent side that most people...
  10. 1 innocent

    1 innocent

    wife loves the comments, she wants to reveal more, she is feeling so hot
  11. simonward

    Playing With Fire - The real life experience of a guy trying to coax a faithful, loving, wife into cuckoldry.

    The Christmas Party - 20/12/19 Sarah wore her anklet to the party. I told her that I love it when she wears it. She doesn’t know what it means. She’s aware of a connotation to swinging but she dismisses it. My heart was racing, back in the summer, when she asked me to buy it for her. I had half...