Show her innocent and not so innocent sides

Love seeing women with those 2 very different sides. Most people would see her in public and not think to much of her, but little do they know, they are not so innocent at other times :devilish:

I would love you guys to show us those 2 sides of your wife/gf. The innocent side that most people see, and the other side, where she is not as innocent as she looks in the first picture ;)
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Do we have women that are something like a good church going wife, or a women really involved in her community, maybe very involved in her children’s school. Something that no one would suspect her of being this sexually active or kinky ;)
I always feel like the holidays show us those 2 sides very well. It might be from office parties, or just the general holiday spirit that can bring out a wilder side of your wife/gf. But at the same time, holidays also means family gatherings, where she will probably be on her best behaviour ;)
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