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    Inviting all to enjoy 😉
  2. notoriousbbc

    UK/Ireland/Scotland Room For People Who are looking for Fun & Pleasure

    We are all adults ! And I'm here for SEX , Fun, Excitement and Pleasure . Please be Respectful of all Members And NO Means NO! BUT DO HAVE LOT's of FUN LIFE IS FOR LIVING SO DO NOT BE Sitting at home all alone Contact one or even two of the members and enjoy the pleasures of life PUT THE TOYS...
  3. Citydawg

    Fun, laughs, & good times

    Hey, I’m new here. I’m looking for a woman(single or married) in the NYC area to have a fun.
  4. DykeWantsDick

    lesbian looking for cock/cum tribute

    gold star lesbian here, gf of 2 years cheated on me, guess i’m looking into the other side now. would love a cock or cum tribute
  5. Nina1011

    would like to have friends here, who i can ask all my questions!

    i’m Nina from austria, i’m doing this without My husband knowing anything about this, i have alot of questions to ask who to bring him inside of this and i need somw help from couples, i have been cheating many times but still I want my husband to be inside of this.
  6. I

    21 trans looking for online fun *WOMEN ONLY*

    Heya~ New here, as title said, I’m trans (still with cock), petite, slutty and loved women of all ages (18+). Looking to start off online with women, travels a lot and open to the idea of meetups. I don’t play with men, but they can watch.
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    One of my favorite butt pictures. Taken at the beginning of a great night at the casino.
  8. C

    Post your wife and the girls she's played with!

    There's only one thing hotter than your wife riding a dick in my opinion, and that's the view you get of your wife grinding on her best girl friends face. Share your wives and the friends they've played with, nonude candid pics to gorgeous girls playing with a big fake dick.
  9. Ukfuncouple

    Anniversary night out (update)

    So last week was out wedding anniversary, In which we planned a night out on Friday, we went for a lovely meal and went for drinks after, I fully expected her to flirt with other guys as that's what she does, what I didn't expect was she ended up meeting a girl who was very pretty, they danced...
  10. P

    Wife and her girlfriend

    My wife has this girlfriend who she's been sleeping with regularly now. At least once a week. It is fucking hot as fuck. Unfortunately the girl friend is a full on lesbian with no interest in men. So they play together while I wait downstairs. The girlfriend won't let me watch yet. But...
  11. Motoman

    Wanting wife to play again but don’t want to ruin us. W/ pic

    A few years ago the wife and I started fantasy talking about her getting a girlfriend to spice up our sex life. She ended up befriending a bisexual women who confessed her attraction to my wife and made out with her spontaneously after a few drinks at a bar. Fast forward a few months and nothing...
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    Former FWB, giving me my birthday present a few years back.
  13. P

    We just started

    My wife finally took the plunge and is more than eager to start this life style. What ultimately pushed her over the edge is that I had been sharing erotic stories I had written her. Those stories were of my wife in various sexy poly scenarios which she absolutely loved. If your woman likes...
  14. T

    Cucked by lesbian

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has a similar fetish as me. Although I’m into the idea of being cucked, I think the full jump is a bit far for both myself and my 20-something wife for now. I have a particular relatively more comforting fantasy about her being fucked by a lesbian woman with...
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    Wife playing with a friend
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    Wife playing with a friend
  17. 130F47E2-C98E-4E3F-9796-8ADFD5AD89BA.jpeg


    Wife playing with a friend
  18. P

    Online cuckolding with my Asian wife

    I have a beautiful Asian wife with DDs. No lie. I’m her older white husband. Would like to be cuckolded online. The idea of a bbc really turns me on but I’m open. She into lesbian videos and guys that are in muscular and in shape.
  19. phoenix98186

    Trying to Help a Friend Leads to Orgy

    Sarah and I had a friend, Joe, staying with us for the weekend. It had been almost a decade since we had been in Iraq together, so he wanted to catch up. We thought it would be a good idea to invite my friend Kelly over to possibly hook up with him. Sarah didn’t always appreciate Kelly. Kelly...
  20. Ppippip

    Lesbian adventures

    Although we love each other and only a few foursomes I've discovered Clare likes pussy. She told me something I'd suspected after girls night out usually meant seeing coworker for tribbing and syckung Wish I'd get invite!