1. D

    Wife Meeting Former Lover Next Week

    Next weekend’s plans are made. Stacey is going to meet her former lover at a resort near Sarasota. We’ve stayed (and played) there before so it will be familiar. She’s spent the past couple of weeks dieting and has a hair and pedicure appointment this week. She told me he wants her bare so she’s...
  2. Laena

    HUSBAND loved It!

    Last night... my hubby was so excited about my outfit and got horny! He called a friend to fuck me o_O What you think about my outfit? :rolleyes:
  3. Lover cums right in wife.mp4

    Lover cums right in wife.mp4

  4. Exhibicouple89


  5. biukgal

    Finally... Dear Wife got her high school crush

    The wife and I talked a lot about the people she use to go to school with back in the UK. Especially now that she has reconnected with a lot of them on facebook. She always talked about the guys and girls she had a crush on back in school but who she thought did not know she even existed. Two...