1. Awesome Pose2.jpg

    Awesome Pose2.jpg

  2. Softcuddles

    Wife Texting and Sexting with her Lover

    Here is an excerpt of my wife texting with her lover as she would almost every night.
  3. Carole lover neighbour

    Carole lover neighbour

    Sometimes my neighbour Carole sends me some pictures of her to convince me to come on to her home to fuck her. In this kind of situation I ask my wife the permission for going satisfy her... Fortunately, she always says me yes !
  4. Olafqwerty666

    Wife with husband and lover

  5. IMG-20210529-WA0006.jpg


    Milf lover
  6. IMG-20210529-WA0005.jpg


    Milf lover
  7. IMG-20210529-WA0008.jpg


    Milf lover
  8. inchargeind3

    Wife and LOVER videos, not bulls or fuck friends. True love being displayed only.

    I want to see real passionate wife sharing
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  11. IMG_0313.MOV


    My wife and a lover fucking
  12. naturalcucky

    I wish my wife had such a lover!

    My wife would have an elderly single boss. My wife work for him so he use it whenever he wanted. He come to us spontaneously whenever he want. My wife and I do whatever he wants. He would be a kinky, imaginative man. My wife would do anything for him like a hooker because her salary would be...
  13. IMG_20190630_202004.jpg


    my wife is fascinated by this white stallion and prepares it with her mouth, today is a special day! he wants him inside without barriers, he wants his warm seed
  14. R

    Asian Countries Folks?

    We are from Hyderabad, India.
  15. ParejaSurreal

    Hotwife on a trip with lover

    We started here asking for opinions on this if she should or not go alone with her lover to a half weekend trip where I would meet them on the other day. Well we all three decided to go on. Will be this weekend. We will use this post to tell how it is going... hope it to be interest for you all...
  16. davelb76

    Wife Meeting Former Lover Next Week

    Next weekend’s plans are made. Stacey is going to meet her former lover at a resort near Sarasota. We’ve stayed (and played) there before so it will be familiar. She’s spent the past couple of weeks dieting and has a hair and pedicure appointment this week. She told me he wants her bare so she’s...
  17. L

    HUSBAND loved It!

  18. Lover cums right in wife.mp4

    Lover cums right in wife.mp4

  19. Having diversified sex, a married couple invited a lonely family friend.mp4

    Having diversified sex, a married couple invited a lonely family friend.mp4

  20. Exhibicouple89