new couple

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    Hubby wanted me to pose and upload here
  2. Canuckcupl50ish

    Looking for fit male mid 20s to mid 50s to arouse and pleasure my wife through messaging.

    We have no experience, but looking to explore her enjoying another man bring her to orgasm.
  3. Jamestown11

    Am I cuckold?

    Hi, I’ve been a lurker for some time on here and I just signed up. I have been married for 16 years, during which time I have often fantasized my wife being with another man. I use the word “fantasized” loosely, because I still am not sure what or why I am doing it. I am a reasonably attractive...
  4. G

    New to being open about these desires with each other

    New to this hoping to learn a few things about being healthy and open with my partner.
  5. truedesire

    My hot wife.

    I've recently stumbled on this site and i loved the content it offers, especially stories of first timers sharing experiences. Me and my wife are in our mid twenties, she loves rough sex and being used like a fucktoy. She always loved the idea of MFM or even a gangbang, watches a lot of that...
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    It’s Friday
  7. Wifey 1

    Wifey 1

  8. Sexlover

    Canada couple

    We are nice & beautiful couple age 25 /35 and looking for a nice strong bull/couple from canada. have fun with him we want move to canada discuss it. with him who can help us move to canada and make our fantasy as reality. interested dm me
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  11. H

    Preparing for the first time

    Hi! My wife and I have agreed to enter the lifestyle. We’re ready to take it from fantasy to reality. I really want the first time she gets fucked by a bull to be special, memorable, and positive. I just ordered some restraints and am thinking it would be great to tie her up and let two bulls...
  12. S

    Introducing us married couple both 30yrs

    Jay and Lou married couple. Just on here really to be a bit naughty and hopefully gain some tributes/comments to make Lou feel hot. Nothing more at this stage 👍 thanks
  13. J

    Online Private Wife training

    Hi everyone. I'm interested in helping you guys train your wives. I have been doing this for awhile with high success rate. It doesn't have to be for sharing only. It about expanding and pushing her limits in all kinks including BDSM, public, bondage, humiliation, master slave and many other...
  14. R&Rlove

    New and Searching

    I am looking to get my wife into the Stag/Vixen lifestyle. We have never done anything like this. It's exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. The idea of my wife getting sexual pleasures from other women (her current preference) and men (my idea) excites me more than I can explain. I want...
  15. W

    Inexperienced Couple

    Hi, we are an inexperienced mature African-American couple looking for an experienced play partner for her. She is 50 about 5’3 and thick. We live in Charlotte, NC and since we are new to this so looking for someone who’s okay being patient with us.
  16. HotwifeUnicorn


    Hey! We’re new! Trying to figure out this forum and how to have fun here. Any tips??
  17. P

    Hola good morning

    We are new here. We are a Hispanic couple and i have a birthday coming up so i signed us up while he's at work
  18. Y

    New Couple

    My girlfriend and I, both in our early 20s, are just getting into the lifestyle. We’re excited to meet likeminded people and to see what this lifestyle is all about!
  19. CoupleExploring

    30yo Couple Intersted in Exploring if Lifestyle is Right for Us

    Hi all, We don't really know how to do any of this so we'll just start. We are a both in our 30's and interested in exploring the lifestyle more in depth. We've talked with each other for about a year about being open to this and we decided we are and looking to now explore more in depth if...