1. C

    New here

    Anyone from Texas?
  2. cervo.dominatus

    New wannabe stag

    Hey guys I'm a 33m wannabe stag. My wife is 34 and knows I'm interested in the lifestyle but hasn't shown much interest in being a hotwife yet She will wear an anklet when we go out and dresses very sexy too because she knows I love it. I think the right bull-friend would change her mind but...
  3. Khaleesi

    Hi to all!

    Hello to all! We are new to this forum. We travel a lot. We would be happy to meet new people. We want to meet a girl or a young couple. Photos from California travel. Soon we are going to New York, Washington and Miami.
  4. Hot real swingers at home.mp4

    Hot real swingers at home.mp4

  5. jrsurp

    Allow Me to Introduce Myself

    Hello there! I just stumbled upon this site via reddit. I'm 28 and reside in the southeast US. Hoping to please some of you lovely ladies here ;) <-- First taste. Don't be shy!