no condom

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    Bareback only wives

    Are you or your wife strictly bareback only when having sex with others? Does childbearing age make any difference when deciding? Can they finish inside or pull out only?
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    In lunch time
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    BWC Breeding Bull Will Travel in Europe for Serious Cuck Couple

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    The cock your wife would suck after finished unzipping my jeans
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    My wife fucking one of her bulls raw.
  8. Take me

    Take me

  9. Passion

    Ultimate fantasy

    I'm interested in what people's (men, women or couples) ultimate fantasy is? After 16 years of marriage and what is now a very basic sex life I would like to get some ideas of what you like or what you would like to do to me
  10. il cazzo nero va su e giu.jpg

    il cazzo nero va su e giu.jpg

    a turno la montano a pelle
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    no condom doggy.jpg