online fun

  1. Fitnfriendly23

    Fit bull seeking wife/couple for virtual fun

    Hi there! I am a friendly and fit M with previous LS experience. I’m always traveling for work, so I am looking to expand my network of “fun” friends and couples. I am open to many different scenarios/dynamics. I prefer snapchat for live verification. Let’s chat and see how things go. I may...
  2. Y

    My soon to be wife is an online content creator and i love it

    A few months ago, I suggested that she should start selling her pics because it seemed to be a great way of making some extra money. She was a bit hesitant at first, but after considering it for a while she went for it. She started creating an OF account, selling pics and videos, but after some...
  3. I

    21 trans looking for online fun *WOMEN ONLY*

    Heya~ New here, as title said, I’m trans (still with cock), petite, slutty and loved women of all ages (18+). Looking to start off online with women, travels a lot and open to the idea of meetups. I don’t play with men, but they can watch.
  4. SarahandRyan228

    F22 - Last night I sexted with a bull and roleplay cucked a stranger online

    So this is definitely a bit out of the norm I feel like for most of you but last night I had an exciting night. My fiancé knows that I post my body on reddit and that I get quite a bit of attention but what he doesn't know is just how much I actually enjoy this attention and how the men talk...
  5. SarahandRyan228

    I love cucking men online to my ex...

    So I post on reddit quite a bit about how my ex essentially lives rent free in my head despite me having a fiance. I'm from the states but he was from Canada and I'm always buying Canadian themed clothes and cucking my fiance to the thought of him plowing me. 😅 Well I recently discovered that...
  6. N

    Couple looking to play virtually

    My sexy wife and I are looking to find other couples to play with virtually. If you would like to connect and play online shoot us a private message and let's see where it goes.
  7. F

    Young guy looking for online fun ;)

    I am a 25 y/o guy looking for older women that want to have some fun online over a long period of time. Your husband can know, or we could keep it secret to make it a little more spicy ;)🌶️ If you are interested message me :devilish:
  8. W

    Wife for Online Bull To Start

    Wife is wanting to start looking into having online bull. Prefer the bull live in Arizona as we hope it potentially grows into having a few in person encounters. Early 30’s professionals.
  9. O

    UK Couple looking for BBC BULL

  10. J

    A tricky one. Long game. Covert. 🤷‍♂️

    Hi guys n gals. Wanted to see if anyone would be willing to help. Not even sure if it would work and it would be a one time chance so you’d have to be on your A game and be patient. I personally would love the challenge. You’d have to be a good looking guy and have a BBC. My wife used to play...
  11. My wife

    My wife

    A little tease
  12. Picklerick

    Looking for a luscious couple or hotwife

    Looking to chat and swap photos and stories with a luscious couple or a fuckable hotwive
  13. PauloFuego

    100 mile radius of Tuscaloosa or online fun

    Attractive, sexy, young 38 Latino mix. Nice cock. Great oral. I ponder the idea of meeting a couple or group face to face. Even if that doesn't happen, I'm dying to lose my ... cherry. Anyone to help me with that?