1. dklv69

    Snapchat couple or female

    Hello 😏. We are couple and we are looking for couple or female to swap photos and videos on snapchat😈. Pm us or post here your usernames 😋
  2. K

    Ideas for Hotwife photoshoot for Bull - help needed!

    Having met a very promising Bull a few times last weekend, we discussed a photo shoot tonight...mainly for fun but also to share with him...and she is fully onboard. We are limited to our bedroom, but I wondered if anyone had some suggestions for shots that will be hot for all three of us...but...
  3. 1

    I want to email your pics to my wife

    Maybe a strange request, but I want to anonymously email photos of another guy to my wife and see how she reacts. Hopefully someone here can help me out. I want to see if she will tell me or keep it a secret. Any guys up for sharing your photos I could use? Message me. Looking for more than...
  4. F

    Birthday gift for the wife (cocked photos)

    Looking for some cut dicks to take pictures over my wife's nude tit selfies. I want to surprise her with some erotic material! She is 27 with 34c breasts! dm if willing! thx!
  5. N


    Do any couples share their hotwife adventures via Snapchat, or follow any couples who do?