1. M


  2. S

    My Wife in Ai

    A mixture of Ai from and photoshop on pics art .. my wife as the base model.. My photoshop skills are improving slowly
  3. P

    Photoshop my Wife with BBC/Tribute

    Want to see my wife photoshopped with BBC
  4. M

    Fake my whore gf with BBC or anything extreme please!!

    PM me please!photoshop her in extreme shit or anything is accepted!!
  5. C

    Professional, good quality fakes of your Wife

    Hello! I’m creating high quality fakes. If you want to see my skills and fulfill your fantasies, please PM me. All i need is a couple of good quality headshots of your Wife or gf, at least one body pic and short description what do you want to see. Don’t worry about the money - it’s free and i’m...
  6. Tank556

    Tribute, caption or photoshop my wife!

    Here’s some photos and dm me for more too!
  7. L

    Is there anyone that can photoshop some pics of my wife? If you can message me. Thanks !

    Would love to see her with some cocks in her pics
  8. lovelyhotwife

    Photoshop time for your wife

    Hello, I can shop your wife in a porn scene, If you want to see her sucking a cock or getting fucked, DM me ;)
  9. aliciahw

    Im gettin more whore in this forum. I would love for you to send me your artistic work surrounded by cocks from anywhere in the world

    Here are a few photos to inspire you... If I see results and like it... I'll send more photos.. Do you dare to fill me with milk?
  10. jess66

    My slut Latina tattoed wife

    Looking for friends for tribute, caption and photoshop my unaware latina wife.
  11. gtapinktony

    I want photoshop/subtitle/poster/tribute/lock screen for my slutty Nurse girlfriend

    I want photoshop/subtitle/poster/tribute/lock screen for my slutty girlfriend please show your skills. I leave a bunch of photos for you to use. I want to see your skills
  12. cuck_couple989

    Photoshop Fun

    I've been inspired by other creative users to start another thread on this popular topic, memes , captions , fakes , let's see them all!
  13. O

    Photoshoped or Tribute her

    Tribute or photoshoped my wife please
  14. kingkanute


    Hi All Wondered if there were any really good photoshoppers on here? Not for my wife but for someone i know. Message me if genuine can have alot of fun
  15. Adrians123

    Photoshop my gf

    Please photoshop my girlfriend. Write in the comment and I'll send you her photos :)
  16. C

    Please Photoshop an Caption my wife!! NO LIMITS

  17. S

    So your skill photoshop my girl

    Lets see who does the best photoshop
  18. A

    I'm a designer. Can face swap your wife into any porn scene. Hit me up

    Want to make your wife looking like she is in a ganbang? I can make it happen. Pm me and will discuss the details. I've been working with photoshop since I was 14. Professional Graphic Designer since 2015. Each picture 1€. Packs of 5: 4€ Payment is made after the job is done. Cripto(BTC or...
  19. T

    Photoshop my wife

    Any talented photoshop users out there that can photoshop my wife’s face on a bbc photo? Msg me and I can send pics.