1. Hottestteenslut

    WWYD to my 19yo girlfriend? (Poll)

    This is mya she is 19 and had been my GF for 2 years, I wanna know what would you do to her?
  2. F

    Which do you prefer, lingerie or completely nude?

    I have been looking around on this board and i couldn't help but to notice that there seem to be a lot of people that love they wife/hotwife in lingerie/sexy wear and others that just love them completely "au naturel"(completely naked) ;) Would love to see which one has more fans! Women can also...
  3. xxxcouplexxx

    Toys……or their alternative…what have you used?

    We all prefer cock but what do we use when we’re horny and can’t get any or when we really want to get our man going? I know I’ve tried most things. Feel free to add a comment if I’ve missed anything from the poll (I'll add it in) or even add a photo of you with one of your favourites if you...
  4. xxxcouplexxx

    Who are you fucking?

    Sorry another poll :rolleyes: but I thought it might be interesting to find out where us girls find most of our sexual partners. Feel free to comment as well :) Multiple votes allowed.


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