premature ejaculation

  1. Prejac cock

    Prejac cock

    Last 2 stopwatch timings were 18 and 24 seconds
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    For the first time wife admits I have a small cock

    Due to a number of factors, my wife's libido has been reduced somewhat of late (though improving in recent weeks). As a cuck fetishist I cannot help but put some blame on my medicore performance in the bedroom providing some sort of contribution to her waning desire. I've mentioned in...
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    More teasing from my wife

    A couple of little comments from my wife make me suspect that her original opinion (formed some 12 years ago when I was her second ever lover) that I was good in bed and had a big dick has changed. It was a cold evening recently and I was getting undressed for bed. I jokingly said "no don't...
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    My elaborate MMF/cuckold fantasy

    So, my wife started her period 3 days ago and has been working early morning shifts thus Mr Wiggly has been on bread and water (3 days in the desert and all that). Anyway, having the bed to myself early in the morning as my mind wanders and my morning wood kicks in has meant that I haven't been...
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    Ever been sexually humiliated without asking for it?

    It seems that to be humiliated one has to either confess to a partner that they're into it or go and hire a professional (dominatrix, cam girl etc.). Has anyone been humiliated by a partner for lack of size or sexual prowess without having to beg or pay for it? Give us the gory details! My go...