real story

  1. S

    What would you do?

    Ok this one is sure to interest some for a read. I’ve been exposing my wife, face too for a bit now. I have her on multiple sites and even some videos still on xhamster. There have been 2 close calls so far. The first one, I was really wanting people she knows see her. So I ended up posting her...
  2. P

    B's Story: Been doing this for a long time and wanted to share our experiences

    While I have anonymously read many comments about the experience of others, I have never posted about our story and how we got into the lifestyle and what we have experienced. I think that our situation is fairly unique in that we've been doing this for over 2 decades, experienced just about...
  3. Guyske

    My horny lovely wife on hunting.

    A report on a special adventure, my wife and I sometimes play a game when we go out. There is a kind of singel dancing about 20 km from us. A lot of single men and women come to dance and score. As usual I had to get my girl ready, light see-through dress with a very deep neckline, thin lace see...