1. Hubby’s demand

    Hubby’s demand

    My husband wants you to post my picture as your claimed prize on your reddit page
  2. IrishHubby

    Help with my Irish Wife!

    A few months ago I opened up to my wife about my fantasy of her becoming a hotwife. For context we are both 30yo and have been married for 6 years. My wife comes from a religious backround and although she had boyfriends who she had a lot of fun with, she was a virgin when we married. She...
  3. B

    Wife likes roleplay more and more

    My wife is 20yo. I am 25. We are married for 2 years. Recently I observed that she is more turned on during roleplay sex where she thinks me as her cousin or teacher or something else. And have intense orgasm. What may be the reason?
  4. sinxsation

    Cuck roleplay

    Anyone interested in erotic roleplay with my wife? Looking for people who like to write out elaborate stories to chat with, can share pics of her for inspiration
  5. $100pose.jpg


  6. Naughty girl

    Naughty girl

    Naughty lil thing
  7. K

    Started with roleplay

    My wife had a roleplay fantasy to pretend to be a hooker while walking down a street at night. She dressed in tight shorts and a little braless t-shirt on the night we fulfilled her fantasy. I planned to drop her off and drive a few blocks down the road. She would walk down to the car in her...
  8. A

    Single bull big D in jordan 🇯🇴 looking for couples or women cuckhubby orgay. outdoor orgay

    Single bull big D in jordan 🇯🇴 looking for couples or women cuckhubby orgay. outdoor orgay
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  10. 9E5780E8-2C5D-419F-A940-A1BF692E4EB0.jpeg


  11. maxine09xx

    Im new here looking horny guy im free to play Hit me up

    Looking to play im interested all kind of play like roleplay im free to play message me fuck me hard core
  12. Inrancouple

    European couple looking for a lover

    Hi everyone, We're a European couple looking a sub/gentle man to Role Play a two boyfriend relationship (it turns her on more than just having meaningless bulls) Sexting, pictures and videos are totally on the table. Don't hesitate to get in touch :) The stag in this relationship is the dom...
  13. N